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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mia's Story .

Here is a story about a girl named Mia . Mia is a highschool girl that always fun , happy-go-lucky and seems like have no problem at all . She's very kind with all people . At school , she known as the girl that have the loudest voice , cheering happiness . Some teacher doesn't like her because she look like a naughty girl . But some teacher care and love her so much . She's being a good friend to her school's canteen cook , Aunt Lee . Mia always help Aunt Lee with the kitchen works until the school teacher always tease her for always be at the canteen . But Mia never listen to their words . 
          One day , Aunt Lee brings her nephew to work at the canteen . His name is Mike . Mike is a worker at an office in the city . But he tend to help his aunt since he's on leave . He work at the school canteen for a month . Mia is attractive at school . Her laughter , her joy and her smile attracts so many people , including Mike . Mike found Mia in Facebook . So, Mike add her and wait for Mia to approve it . Mia approve it about 2days later . 
          After that , Mia got an email from a stranger . The stranger sends , " Hi , when can we go out together ? " Mia reply back , " Urm , who are you ? Did we met before ?" . Mia view the stranger's profile and look at the details one by one . But Mia still doesn't know the identity of the person . The next day , Mia went to school as usual . During recess time , Mike greet Mia . Mike told Mia , " Do you know who is the person that ask you out in Facebook ? " Mia look at Mike's face carefully and realizes that they are the same person . Mia just laugh and went away .
          The very next day , Mia ask for Aunt Lee help to keep her bag . Aunt Lee kept the bag and Mia start her school day as usual . When Mia wanted to find their Maths teacher at the canteen , Mike suddenly call her . Mike ask her what time did Mia go home . Mia told him she will be home a lil bit late . Then Mia go back to her classroom . When the school end , Mia take her bag at Aunt Lee . When Mia open the bag , there is a piece of paper with a phone number on it . Mia asks Aunt Lee whos phone number was that . Auntu Lee told her that she must call the number first to know the owner of the number . Without any delay , Mia call the mention number . It was Mike !
          A month later , Mia and Mike was like a sweet couple . Every morning , Mike and Mia go to school together . Every afternoon , Mike will finish up his work as fast as possible  and send Mia home . Every evening , Mike will fetch Mia at her house and bring her anywhere she wanted to go . But , it doesnt last long . One terrible day , Mike brought Mia to a cheap hotel . Mike told Mia that he wanted to take a bath . So , Mia follow Mike to the room without any struggle . Mike took a bath and Mia wait while watching TV . After taking his bath , Mike hug Mia tightly until Mia gasping for air . Mia done everything so she can escape from Mike . But its too late . Mia's pride was the victim .
          Then Mike send Mia home . From that day , Mia never contact Mike again . Mike tried to reach Mia , but it is futile . Sometimes , Mia did saw Mike on the road , playing football or driving  and she feel like a grief that never lost . Mia is no longer a happy-go-luck girl . She is a moody and sad girl . The lesson that we could learn from this story is , never believe a person easily without knowing his/her true intention are .